Latinas we love: Sofia Vergara

For anyone who has seen Modern Family, Gloria-or more fondly known as Sofia Vergara- is so easy to love. She has beauty, influence and the strength of a woman who has been through it all. She is truly a health inspiration to women of any culture or region. We love watching her hilarious character on Modern Family, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Sofia Vergara.

Sofia was featured in Health Magazine in December and talked about self image, sterotypes and offered some health tips.

Sofía Vergara sí participará en 'Los Tres Chiflados'

Now, Sofia and Oscar De La Hoya have teamed up to launch a health website aimed at Latinos, she said in an interview with Primera Hora. The website is called SuperVida and will feature health information and resources for health issues that affect the Latino community. It is scheduled to launch in 2012. And to be honest, I can’t wait!

-The Healthy Latina


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